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can you give me an example of a game, that causes screen to flicker?
Erm, all of them if you have the flicker filter set to Zero. If you have it set higher.. then of course it doesnt flicker as much... but it's fuzzy.

Maybe I do not fully understand your problem... Is this a problem that occurs also in WinUAE?
Heh. No you dont understand the problem. The X-box is outputting the image to a TV. It's outputting an interlace signal... that means it draws every other line in one pass... then the others in a second pass, it's a way of halving bandwidth for a set resolution. The X-box ALWAYS outputs interlace at the moment because no-one knows how to program it to do other.

THE Amiga on the other hand could output non interlaced, all pixels were drawn in one pass, bandwidth was reduced because there were only 1/2 as many lines used. The result was no flickering.

Of course this doesnt happen in WinUAE because its being displayed on a MONITOR and not a TV.

I've got both 100Hz 29'' LG TV and 7-years old polish 21'' TV and I didn't noticed any problems - using RGB connection (RGB/EuroSCART) and PAL50 modes, but no flicker-filter.
You possibly wont see problems with your 100Hz TV because it digitizes the input and then does lots of strange things before displaying.

On an ordinary 50Hz TV you can. Maybe your brain cannot detect flicker (some people are not sensitive) or you have the filter switched on by mistake... or your 50Hz TV has a very high persistance.

About "Agnus setting" - try changing "Video chipset" setting from "Agnus" to "AGA" and see what you get.
That just changes the chipset emulation from "OCS", "ECS" or "AGA" which are the 3 different types of Amiga chipset... this doesnt affect the output at all.

I know what I am talking about... even XPort admits that WinUAE-X flickers where the Amiga doesnt.
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