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about games running from a standard cd32, I think turrican needs to have use an image with scores you cannot beat, else when game over you can't type your name in on the score chart, and you have to reset just to play another game, the original version is so easy to get a high score in you have to reset everytime cos it doesnt save them. maybe this happens on other games with highscores you have to type.?
why can no one patch pinball dreams to use joypad somehow, must be too hard to do, pity
can't whdload be updated to be used to somehow emulate the joypad for keys and mainly space bar etc, dunno how it works about this kind of stuff and how hard or if at all possible it would be to implement it?

Just checked, all turricans do it, but turrican 3 will quit the entry after a while so not too bad on that one.

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