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Originally Posted by plasmatron
Aww, there's no kissy-smoochy-huggy smilie. Shucks!

That's brilliant! I want one! Thanks for the links. I'd much rather buy a new retro joystick than a secondhand original one. Some of them got such a battering I wouldn't trust them to last. My brother used to go through them faster than you could say, "if you're going to break everything you touch, buy your own damn hardware you selfish son of a bitch". The oaf nearly broke my back on one occasion when he shoved me aside to get at the joystick I'd hidden in the cupboard. Those were the days.

I think I must have tried all the top-rated joysticks over the years: the Comp Pro (and the cute dinky one, remember that?), the turquoise, yellow and pink Cruiser, some boxy crystal thing that let you peek inside at all the circuitry, the Quickshot Python. All great kit, but none of them could stand up to the 'Ham-Fisted Big Brother Test'.

I wonder if these new Comp Pro joysticks work with the Mac. There's no mention of it being Mac compatible, but then USB is fairly standardized these days. As long as it doesn't need special software to operate I reckon there's a good chance it might work.

I was surprised by the price too. I doubt there's huge demand for these devices yet they've managed to keep the cost down so you get a cool piece of retro technology and a great bargain in one.
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