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Flickering and lace-artifacts in WinUAEX are caused by wrong setup
I dont think that it is. WinUAEX can only output interlaced screenmodes for standard TV's (i.e 720x576i) the original Amiga operates (mainly) in non interlaced modes (i.e. 720x288p) The X-box CAN do low res non interlaced screens but it is complicated and not supported in the SDK.

for example, Agnus chipset setting always causes screen to flicker
I dont understand what you mean. If you are trying to say that the Amiga can do interlaced modes and that setting is within the Amiga Agnus chip... I know... but WinUAEX flickers in ALL modes regardless of whether the original Amiga mode was interlaced or not. You can activate the Anti-Flicker filter hardware in the X-box but the effect is a blurring of the image.

Team17 splashscreens are good examples
These are examples where the ORIGINAL Amiga mode was an interlaced mode. This would flicker in WinUAEX too, but other non interlaced modes flicker in WinUAEX because the program cannot do single field output and so has to scandouble the data and produce an interlace image.

if you have suggestions or feedback, visit XPort Forum on
I have done. I helped out with bug reports and feature suggestions over the releases. There hasnt been one for a while. Adding support for non-interlaced screen modes is complicated, requires the program to hit the hardware direct, there are at least 3 or 4 variants of X-box all requiring different routines.

I dont think we'll see X-box emulators which support non-interlaced low res. Shame really
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