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PowerIcons working...or not?

I have tested Powericons 1.06 for a while now, and it has worked ok, except for some things.

One thing is that when you try to snapshot a dir's icons that has both PNG-icons and normal Amiga icons, the Amiga icons won't be snapshotted at all. And another thing is that i have changed the default CD0, CD1 and CDDA icons to PNG-icons (ENV:Sys) and if i put a cd in the drive before i load WB, my WB crashes (just after the icons show). It won't crash if i put a cd in after WB has loaded. But if i double-click on the CDDA-icon to hear the cd tracks my WB hangs.

These things worked BEFORE PowerIcons was installed!

So, have you peeps got it working properly or are you experiencing problems also?
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