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Originally Posted by mr_0rga5m
Jim - Looks like the father bought his GBA carts from down the pub or car boot (tut tut) .. The comment was in a crackers intro and poor ol Disney are not to blame.


What a knob the father is, letting the planet know he buys pirate gear.
Funny that, I was thinking something similar but not knowing too much about the GBA scene didn't know this stuff existed. I know you can get FlashROM carts but didn't know they were making actually pirate ROM carts to use in a standard GBA. I'm a bit 3 years behind western technology due to my current location.

The fact that doing a Google News search for this also led me to similar conclusions as The Sun was the only link highlighting this/

And of course, anyone in the UK knows the track-record of The Sun's reporting with by far the worst example being Hillsborough.

So do we expect a full apology in tomorrow's Sun to Disney/Nintendo ?
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