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@ Twistin Ghost
And you just saw screenshots, you have to see the game running. The music and SFX helps a lot to build the cute atmosphere. NEVER before I felt SO sorry for let the main hero die in a game. The sound it makes, the face he makes it, it just makes me go like "ooohh, poor little elephant....."

Fury of the Furries is indeed brill, one of the finest games ever.

@ Akira
Lemmings indeed is cute... cute in a mad way of being cute.. (C'mon.. when you set a bomber, and he screams "Oh No!", isn't the most cute thing ever? and then, BOOM.. hwahwahwa )

I've played a demo of Quick, and found it SO rubbish. Titus is crap, their only good game I know is Lamborghini American Challenge.
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