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Originally Posted by Methanoid
I do wonder if anyone will support keyboard use in these emulators using the SmartJoy Frag (PS2 KB/Mouse adaptor for Xbox)... now that WOULD be VERY cool!
SmartJoy Frag is not just a "kb/mouse adaptor" - it's a converter that allows you to play commercial Xbox games (from Halo to... DoA ) using kb+mouse combo instead of gamepad - it translates keyboard keystrokes into pad button presses and mouse movement into analog thumbstick movement. It would be completely useless under Xbox Linux or emulators.
However, you can connect an ordinary PC USB mouse and USB keyboard to your Xbox console, because Xbox gamepad ports are in fact standard USB ports, but a little odd-shaped You will need to use soldering tool... or buy a cheap connector/adaptor (which costs a few dollars - look at eBay). Of course you will not be able to play commercial Xbox games - but underground stuff like Linux, emulators, web browsers usually support this. WinUAEX does.
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