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Big grin That Secret of the Monkey Island

Sorry for an OT, but...
Here's a little quote from a book i got about 8 years ago, about "Programming a demo in 68k on A500". It was a polish translation from the officiall Commodore "Amiga Hardware Reference Manual" probably released originally around 1990.:

"This part is in English to make lamers dizzy and keep'em. Firstly I want to thank S.S Captain for xero of this book and send a lot of fux to Mac. He's probably very good hacker, but ot a good fellow. He knows why. Also I have to tell you that Amiga is fine, but IBM is better. Did you see "That Secret of the Monkey Island" on it? Did you see those 256 colours at the same time on the screen, with resolution better than the highest one in Amiga? I was laughing at IBM a few months ago yet, but now I'm not. It's the future in Poland, I'm telling you. I know you hate me now."

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