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Roll eyes (sarcastic)

Why do I sense an almighty dose of dejavu here-oh wait, thats right didn't this pile of doo-doo shambles emerge when Ironstone first reared their ugly mugs? (After intially telling all the C64 sites how much of a positive force they were going to be,before basically waving a legal stick at any old games sites).
I still cannot believe that Tulip seems to keep re-spewing this assertion that Commodore ever "owned" their games-geez,I wish someone in Commodore knew that during its reign at the top-someone owes its backpayments obv.
Do these con-artisits honestly think threatening the very ones who'd even created the C64 emulation "market" for them to exploit will pay them any heed? I doubt most of them were even a twinkle in their parents eye given the stupidty on show here.

@Akira. I'm sure the usual suspects will again hail this another "triumpth", in the C64's "revival".
Is it the 1st April today & nobody's told me I've been in a coma or something?!
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