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Wish list: WHDload-like program for games from other systems?

This is another of those "not going to happen" wishes that would probably benefit only me or a few other people, but:

What about a WHDload-like program with slaves for running C64 or Atari800 or 80's Arcade games?

Yes there are emulators, but for people with slow Amigas without graphics cards (am I the only one?), most games are not even playable. My point is: why emulate the whole computer instead of just using what is necessary for the game and eliminate unnecesary stuff to speed it up? Why require a graphics card (MAME) to run an 80's arcade game that had 8 colours? (I know, MAME is ported that's why)

Or maybe WHDload could actually be used and instead of running a WB1.3 emulation like it does for some games, it runs a (modular streamlined) C64 emulation? What do you think? Is it feasable/useful or am I just talking out of my arse?
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