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What happened to the humble joystick?

Recently I caught the emulation bug again after a long break away and decided to get myself a basic joystick to use to play some of the old Amiga classics. I was surprised to discover that this is far easier said than done. No-one seems to manufacture bog standard, no nonsense joysticks anymore. If you want to play retro games which weren't designed to make use of the mouse/keyboard combo, you have to bite the bullet and buy a 7 foot tall monstrosity with 32 buttons, force feedback support and all manner of spinny-rotatey attachments, which mostly seem to be there to look pretty. There are still plenty of decent, simple joypads available, even ones which don't require you to invest in a crane to be able to pick them up, but I was always more of a joystick person. I grew up using joysticks so became much more adept at gaming this way. I was all thumbs and thumbs when it came to joypads.

In the end I gave up and got a joypad instead. Even so I'd be interested to know if anyone has come across any simple, modern, USB joysticks for sale i.e. the ones with just a short shaft and a couple of buttons.

Is it only wannabe pilots and trainee terrorists who buy joysticks these days?
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