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Ok, I have uploaded the Shadow of the Beast 2 recording. This game is sooooo hard!, one wrong step and you have to start all over, and you could do like 4 mistakes every minute. To my luck though, WinUAE has a quick save function. I tried at first to play without unlimited energy, but that was like impossible.

This game was really nothing special... not very good graphics, boring and repetitive music.

For some reason, the quality of the recording looks really awful even though I used the same quality as the other recordings. Must be because of the colored back... or something... I suggest you view it in the "standard" size.

Incase you didnt know, The "standard" and "large" view size are the same file, they have the same quality. The only difference is that the "large" view size is just the double viewing size of the standard.

Oh, and this game has the lamest ending ever.... Just a picture. Maybe because I cheated?

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