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More for the 888

Hi Frostwork:

I've got a few more requests for the 888. I used to publish an Amiga Games magazine in the US and just got back into it ten years after the CD32 bit the dust.

Here's my list. I'm downloading 444 right now and can't wait to play Killing Game Show. Thanks!

Alien Breed 3D
Blood Money
Cannon Fodder 2
Doom 2
Flashback -- I know, GRRRR.
Pinball Dreams -- I know, GRRRR.
Pinball Mania
Speedball 2 NTSC version by Konami
State of the Art demo by Spaceballs
Syndicate American Revolt (add-on game)
TV Sports Basketball
Yo! Joe!

Any luck on any of these?
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