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GameBaseAMY v0.1a released

The first version of GameBaseAMY is finally ready after many many months of delays. It is a very basic release in that it contains only minimal game information, script and config files. There are no screenshots, music or extras at this stage. However it does contain 3921 games spread over 5765 disks. Use the links below to grab it and tinker away. I encourage everyone to make whatever comment they feel appropriate, good or bad. Enjoy.

[EDIT: Links removed... See GBA v0.1b thread or website]

Some poeple may have noticed a little 'a' on the end of the Datafile. Yes it's been changed already. I jumped the gun and released, then hit a brick wall which I had to work around. Hence the very slightly updated Datafile.

The only difference is that each disk is counted as a set rather than each game. Means there are 5765 sets now instead of 3921. Still only 3921 games though. I'll sort it out in a later version.

I am going away, for work, again tomorrow. I can get e-mail and internet connection occasionally so I will be keeping myself posted on everyones thoughts. However no fixes will be done till I get back. Hopefully only a week this time

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