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Originally Posted by Hillsy_
I wasn't really comparing Turrican to POP.....more Brian the Lion to Prince of Persia. Sorry if I didn't make it clear.

Even though all the games are different you can recognise what makes a good game. It is not about graphics, something that Psygnosis didn't realise. Turrican & Prince of Persia are classic games in their category, not because of the graphics but because they did everything correct....
Well Brian the Lion versus POP is also another misnomer.

POP versus Flashback would be an agreeable comparison.

Brian the Lion if you hide away the flashy graphics and technical aspects, is still a good game. Prince of Persia was also a good game, but the one annoying aspect of the game was that each time you did a move, the game insisted on completing its animation steps for that move, so if you accidentally moved and wanted to abort that move, it would invariably not let you, so you would plummet to your death. Also the programming for POP was decidedly poor considering it was a flick screen game with no scrolling elements.

I've never stated that SOTB was particularly playable, but from the perspective of how well everything else worked, the look and feel of the game has stood the test of time well.

Whoever derided Dave Whittakers music for SOTB Amiga was also missing the point entirely. Granted the tunes themselves are not the most melodic in the world, but for pure atmosphere, the tunes fit SOTB perfectly just like Chris Huelsbeck did for Turrican.

In reply to the person that said that SNES Jim Power music was like Turrican on Amiga, well the music for Jim Power and Turrican was both composed by Chris Huelsbeck.
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