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Are you playing on a REAL Amiga?

Nope, I use WinUAE.

Why did you change your lives when you are cheating?

I just wanted to show the different options available in Stardust.

Why did you enter a code at the password entry in Stardust. Cheat Code?
I just showed what it looked like if you wanted to enter a code, and as you saw, I only changed the 3 first letters or so.. so no real code there.

Do you cheat on your recordings? I watched your Stardust and I couldn't see you lose any energy. You also used Three-way too often..meaning that you must have cheated. You also could have upgraded your bouncer weapon but instead chose to upgrade your three-way even though it was already fully powered...

Yes, I cheat. I just want to show the games... and yes, I didnt upgrade the bouncer weapon even though the three-way was fully upgraded, didnt care about it. I like using the three-way

Recording games is a good idea though....


Play it as it is suppose to be played...WITH SKILL!!

Nah . Then it would be so easy for me to record these game. I of course didnt cheat in Moonstone and Dune as there are no cheats for them.

...or finish Commandos on the PC. Your Choice, up for it?

Commandos is an old game. Finished that game a long time ago in cooperative with a friend. Fun game .

I don't think he is recording games to show up his skills like some japanese guys do... I think he just want to show the games in full action... which is not bad at all

Exactly .
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