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Couple of things Ironclaw...

Are you playing on a REAL Amiga?

Why did you change your lives when you are cheating?

Why did you enter a code at the password entry in Stardust. Cheat Code?

Do you cheat on your recordings? I watched your Stardust and I couldn't see you lose any energy. You also used Three-way too often..meaning that you must have cheated. You also could have upgraded your bouncer weapon but instead chose to upgrade your three-way even though it was already fully powered...

Recording games is a good idea though....

Play it as it is suppose to be played...WITH SKILL!!

It takes more of a man to admit defeat than to hide behind Cheat Codes...

Here's a challenge for you, play SOTB1 with only 1 life. or finish Commandos on the PC. Your Choice, up for it?
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