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Downloaded some CD32 games but having problem with the controls.

Downloaded the CD32 version of Darkseed after being curious of what could be new when I saw the file size of 16mbs. The disk version is about 10mbs or so. Well, when I started it up and come to the game part, the dude TALKED! . "Oh, my head hurts", "I think my head is going to explode" etc.... I couldnt control the cursor.

I then tried the CD32 version of Roadkill. the new things I saw there was a bit better gfx I think... and some animated intro sequences..... I could move around with the cursor keys and select car with SHIFT... but when the racing started, I couldnt drive... only stear the car.. but didnt move..

Anyway! .... is it possible to 100% control a CD32 game?.. what are the keys?
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