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@Scatter - Yep Agreed, give him a point for originality and another for Dungeon Keeper. I loved the intro sequence to DK - The Original Release not the Re-Release. It's funny, the skeletons rush in to combat. With their weapons drawn they look at Horny to say...Yes Master we will kick ass.. Absolutely Fantastic. The intro music is good too, the music is like trying to say...Get'em!! One of the best Intro sequences along with FFVIII.

Fable..How long did it take...4 years...right....So what did you actually implement, Oh...just wasteful code where you don't really do anything. Oh did I not mention it is only 8-10 hours long and the easiest pile of toffee-nosed crap the Earth has ever seen. I wish Pete was in the game, I'll marry him and chop HIS head off..and then maybe something else ...Oh, Hello Pete nice game....

Best Feature: The Graphics, it really is like a fairytale...

So Pete if we gave you 8 years could you add some extra knobs on?

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