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@akira, please pick on Turrican 3 not Turrican 1 Turrican 1 was and still is a great game. Ah! the music...Pretty good SNES version too. I like Level 3.1 music on the SNES. It's strange, but I think the SNES version of Jim Power has some music from one of the Amiga Turrican games?? ??

I suppose you have to be their to appreciate it's hmmm...mechanics!! I first played the Grandstand console followed by the Atari2600..then later Atari400/800/800XL..AtariST etc... I thought the music in Vanguard, Ms Pacman and later Necromancer were great...but then along came Turrican on the Amiga. For me I couldn't believe what I was hearing, it made me consider going into creating music along with many other avid Amiga fans. Turrican is a work of art because it does everything well. Shadow of the Beast is nothing in comparison. In fact, Shadow of the Beast is a 'Tech Demo' much in the same way as Doom 3 is on the PC. Technical, Talented people but with no idea what makes a game good. Sometimes you have to go back to the basics in order to further oneself.

Correct Peanut!! It won't be the same for anyone unless you played the game when it came out. Graphics and Sound have moved on since the C64/Amiga and now people will never appreciate it's finer qualities. You had to be their at the right time, when their was no XBOX, PS, PS2, Gamecube etc...

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