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I am going to weigh in here. Andreas, you have problems. Mental ones.
Illustrated beautifully by you agaonizing over who wrote a god damn obscure song for some 17 year old games.
Agonizing? No. Two handles of 3 have been solved, and I want the third to be solved, too.
I dunno why you have to jump in here.

But everytime I look at your braindead off-topic threads, I know *who* has mental problems. I give you a good advice: people in glass houses should not throw stones!!

Oh yeah, I see you used the "f" word here. I remember a mother fucking time when you berated me, Akira or anyone else for using such language.
I only use this "f" word. ONE word. You use 10 different ones in one sentence. Better not compare apples to oranges, eh?

I say: better KEEP OUT of here. That's an advice.

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