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and notice all the ammount of abuse you write in your lengthy message
The reason is simple: it was the straw that broke the camel's back.
I had swallowed a lot of your reactions in the past (also towards other users) without commenting anything, but this time the waters of patience have spilled over the brim ...

Originally Posted by Akira
I told you before as well, that you need to lighten up. I take back whatever stupid shit I wrote in response to your attack.

Indeed, I did start having a go at you, but it was based on facts.
(= Many people new to EAB could easily confirm that you had treated them like complete idiots multiple times, thus offending their sensibilities - and I *cannot* endorse that. Sorry.)

Whereas ... the stuff you wrote about what I allegedly do in HOL can only be written by someone who has insight in the admin area. You do not have that insight, hence you cannot judge about how I allegedly "fill up HOL with data I think that is correct". That's a sort of brazenness I will *not* stomach, and THAT is the reason why I overreacted.
One part of the SHO notes has already been removed by DrBong, he gave good reasons for it, and I nodded. THAT is team work. The other 2 of the parts recently added by *ME* (!) were left by him, so they must be based on good facts eh?!
Otherwise he would have removed them as well.

But since they're a result of research, your accusation has proven false.

OK - things settled.
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