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Originally Posted by andreas
As I've found out (and written into HOL), the 'ZZKJ' character really exists in literature: it is taken from a 1953 Alfred Bester novel called "The Demolished Man".
So I strongly believe the man was called a mere Zareh Johannes.
Because it fit by coincidence, he crammed the 'ZK' in the middle and adopted the name that, also by coincidence, was identical to that character in the novel.
Talk about Michael J. Fox whose 'J' middle initial was just by pure invention!
Erm, I've always dealt in facts with info. I've entered into HOL and I've made no exception with the identity of ZZKJ. AFAIK the initials are based on the programmer's real name and are *not* taken from any novel (which incidentally was merely an observation made by a reader in a letter sent to Your Sinclair in '86). As evidenced by the link, Z.K. are, indeed, the real middle initials of Zareh Johannes (aka ZZKJ).

@Akira, Andreas: I'd hate to see anymore flaming here, so please don't (take it up in PM if you must).

Originally Posted by Jim
Wasn't exactly cryptic, just the guys initials.
ZZKJ actually went to some length to conceal his real name and made it a point of requesting it not be revealed in the Amiga mags he talked to. It might not be cryptic now that the mystery has been solved, but would you have guessed before that the 4 letter acronym represented his real name? Not me!!
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