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Regarding copyrights to games, dont the individuals who coded the games and music for C64/Amiga still own their 'portions' ?
What did the contracts/work for hire stipulate? (be interesting to find out)
One off payments/no future claim to profits?
Now there may be an oportunity to make some mega-bucks, mobile gaming etc. I'm sure 'names' will start to surface.
Does the company that released the games in the 80s have any claims after this amount of time. How would this work anyway as most companies simply ceased trading, not integrated within other larger organisations (EA) and doesn't copyright have to be registered within a certain time period or reverts back to public domain (similar to printed works??) or is computer data 1001110101 different?
Is this really a serious topic? Do any of the C64+AMIGA sites really give a f*ck. We've gone on this long without the big C= (c) and we're supposed to get 'excited' about this??....personally I hope they get burned fingers.
As stated its a lot of moolahs for C= (oops, get ready for the lawsuits)
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