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Which one in the Shadow of the beast series would you like to see me complete?

So, I want to complete a new game and was thinking of maybe Shadow of The Beast. the reason for this is that there is an active thread about the game right now and when I searched, I found quite many old SotB threads. I also played SotB 1, 2 and 3 when I was just a kid, but couldnt beat anyone of them. Today there is Internet (when I played these games, I didn't even know about Internet... well, maybe a little) with walkthroughs and maps... and of course WinUAE with a quicksave function ... so hopefully I should be able to beat one of them and RECORD it for everyone to see.

So... which one would you like to see being completed?

And please no childish and lame comments. I record Amiga games for people to see what the games looks like AND incase they never managed to complete the game themselves. Also record them cuz I LOVE amiga games and sees this as a little tirbute to keeping the Amiga alive...... etc.....

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