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Originally Posted by Hillsy_
Curse Fable into oblivion...utter rubbish...all style and no content.....

Populous, Theme Park and Dungeon Keeper are his best games.

Black & White over hyped piece of rubbish like MGS2.
I tend to agree with that sentiment. I've always found just about all of Molyneuxs games to be extremely overhyped - even the better games in his resume don't live up to the hype generated prior to release.

Black & White and Fable are excellent examples of this imo. B&W was supposed to be a genre defining game, the hype was palpable prior to release, and what did we get? Basically a cross between Populous and Powermonger with some elements of Zoo Keeper thrown into what was a very, very ordinary game.

The hype around Fable was even worse, and Molyneux happily contributed to it (as he almost always did) by telling anyone who'd listen that it would be the greatest RPG ever. Now, I've only started playing it recently, and it is an interesting game, but it a hell of a long way short of being an all time classic, never mind the master of its genre.

I will applaud Molyneux for one thing though - he is almost always trying to be original with his releases, something all to rare in his profession.
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