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I've had it!

By the way it is nice to see that you are filling up the HOL with data YOU THINK is correct. So much for accuracy.
Oh come on! What a fucking pile of nonsense!
How can you assert such things? Are you too drunk today or what?
Or do you just want to provoke people again (the only thing you can really do perfectly, Kodoichi is a fucking amateur against your "skills" to make people get worked up! You win my personal Gold Medal for this perfect efforts!)

There is *no* such thing like "editing because I think it could be correct", at least not anymore!

1) Almost everything of my mass-entry-campaign in the last few days comes from my pile of game mags that I found.

2) You could clearly read above that, for example, this inserting of 'ZK' into Mr Johannes' name was just an *assumption*of mine, and hence I did NOT write this into HOL! I did change the 'Saul' entry, because I found a reprint of the original manual of another game featuring the same developing sub-team!
So no "thinking" but R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H.
You are going to allow me this kind of research, I hope, Sir Akira?

Well, somehow you fucking love to argue with people until it emerges to a kind of knifing; just by accusing them of things they never intended to do!
And even without the SLIGHTEST proof: just out of the blue!
If a HOL team member told me that, I would indeed admit some things if need be (because this guy has some insight as he has access to the admin area). But you haven't, but pretend as if you had!

Ah. You didn't even read the name Super Hang-On? Although I wrote it clearly in my first post? Bad luck. YOUR bad luck.
Didn't I tell you many times in the past that it was silly to close a thread because you did not read the thread *properly* but just hastily closed it because you *assumed* (ah!) that it was the known "everyday newbie request"?
That I even had to write you a *PM* to be so kind (!!!) to re-open the thread?

3) I herewith declare: if you come into the HOL team any day, I'm definitely outta there. I could not bear that kind of consorting with people, unless YOU change. But it seems that you think you're always right the way you act to consort with people. Strangely though, I have seen lots of almost-flame-wars on EAB recently with your statements included.

Nothing against you personally (yet), but you really make it very difficult for me to stay on the same shore with you, Akira!
I now expect you to go back on that statement you just made about me (the quoted one). Otherwise, you will get /ignore. Forever.

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