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According to the article on Slashdot (source of unbiased, accurate information that it is), the new company intend to re-release old games, possibly for mobile phones. Marvellous idea! Except, of course, Commodore (the original company) has diddly squat to do with the games. Unlike Nintendo and Sega, Commodore didn't have licensing deals with any software publishers, so buying the Commodore brand gets you nowt.

They'll have to play the follow-up-the-publisher-buyout game:

"Let's re-release Super Game X! It was published by Cheapo-Publisher-Skankus. Just contact them- What? they were bought out by Skank-Me-Do Inc? OK, contact them... Oh, and they were bought out by Magic Skank Games? And they were bought out by EA. OK, contact EA...

Um, are you sure you won't let us release this old game? You're not selling it any more, you know. Yes, yes, I understand that you must protect your IP, but we've just spent a million bazillion pounds on a worthless chickenhead logo- Hello? Hello?

We must have been cut off."
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