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Yep, I remember seeing Beast 1 in the shops, it was GBP34.99 to buy with the T-Shirt. It was in a massive box just like when Awesome came out. I have a picture of me with the T-Shirt on, but this was a long time ago. I don't have the T-Shirt anymore. Shadow of the Beast was an average game at best. The SNES had many more worthy titles than to worry about how good a conversion it could do of an average game. sometimes people make games to look and sound not as good on purpose. Think about the Halo conversion from XBOX to PC. I remember reading how SEGA made their conversations to other formats worse just so they could sell more on their machines.

Not everything is so clear and crystal as you think.

I didn't buy my Amiga for SOTB1, but the graphics for SOTB have to be admired. They do have a unique style to them. 128 colours on screen?? 14 layers of parallax scrolling? It was all the thing in those days..

Give me Turrican any day....
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