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GameBaseAMY dat file ready for flaming

Well I said I would do a release before New Years.
Unfortunately I'm not going to make it

But I have finished the initial dat file to be used with the first version of GBA

It contains 3921 Sets and 5765 ADFs and is for ClrMamePro only at this stage

[EDIT: Link removed.. See GBA v0.1b thread or website for links]

The dat file uses the TOSEC - Amiga - Games - ADF (v0.29) dat file as it's basis

It is automatically generated using a little, well not so little, proggy I wrote just for the occasion. It is bound to have problems, mainly for two reasons. 1) I'm an average programmer at best 2) Some very inconsistent names in the TOSEC dat file

I chose this path as I felt it would get the ball rolling faster than manually adding one game at a time. Individual games can now be manually altered as problems arise with the automatically selected ones.

The program used a series of 'rules' to discard known / suspected bad copies and turn the remaining ones into something more usable by GameBase.

Each individual game or set is zipped with every ADF required for that game. The set names and disk / rom names have been shortened, again automatically. The description at this point is a left over from the TOSEC description. It should give you an idea of which TOSEC files each game is using.

Even though the TOSEC dat has it's problems, this would not have been possible without it. So I would like to express my thanks to everyone at TOSEC especially those that have contributed to the Amiga dats.

So if you're interested please have a look. Run the dat through ClrMamePro and get ready for the first GBA. It will be out in a day or two. I'm just putting the finishing touches on it now. However I'm due to go out and get drunk soon So it will have to wait till the weekend.

Well as always all comments good / bad or otherwise are always welcome


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