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ok a short description about Cyberbugfix:
This program is a CGXAGA companion. If you don't know, CGXAGA is an AGA monitor driver for CyberGraphX package shipped with Phase5/DCE PPC accelerators. This driver is very useful due to brilliant SUPERLAYERS feature
and ChipRAM economy, bit it contains serious bug: ChipRAM leak if it not
enough for bitmaps and screens. CBX was written for fixing this, but after this it was transformed to multifunctional utility, that enhances CGXAGA compatibility with miscellaneous software and economes ChipRAM even more.


@ Bloodwych : Fblit should work with Scalos, it works on my A1200.

List of patch i've in my startup :

Blizkick (to kick a ROM, load libs,device in ram etc...)
Poolmem (memory management)
Idefix (IDE enhancer)
MMuTools (MuMove4K, MuFastZero)
Val (to valide disk quickly when needed)
BlazeWCP (Chunky2Planar patch)
CMQ030 (CopymemQuick)
ENV-Handler (instead of copying all files from ENVARC, it simply copy into ENV: files when they're asked)
FixJump (to prevent screenjump from IPrefs)
FBlit (patch OS function to use CPU instead of blitter)
SystemPatch (patch OS function with faster one)
MathLibsPatch (patch mathematics libs with faster one)
VisualPrefs (modify WB looking but slow down the system)

and of course Scalos (not latest version, V1.2d)

all this patch are more or less useful on a real A1200 030+882, they can be totaly useless on higher processor. I can only advise you to read the docs before using them and to configure them properly (some patch don't like too much other or are simply redudant if not set in the right way)

But even if i used lot of patch, i'm agree with Bloodwych, using too much patch can cause an OS disorder and instead of speeding it up it could slow down the OS. What do you want ? Something which looks like a Ferrari with some pedals or a car when you sit down quietly and drive in full safety

sorry if i've been a bit off topic. You're free to move it in another thread.
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