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I will let you have a peek into my black soul.
I hate clutter. Anywhere..I hate it. I'd remove my own moribund organs if I could. I am the opposite of a pack rat, a non Nordic Nordic admirer of nordic efficiency and sleekness. The way I eat, live, dress, furnish, talk, compute etc is sleek, simple and neat. To the point of obsession. I do not pull punches or waste breath. Thats why I post prolifically here....Its an outlet for an otherwise laconic fella. It's the reason I love Apple's products, partially. Neat, no nonesense. No jewelry or frills, just elegance the way it ought to be. I need no clutter or facade. Thats why I find Liberace funy..hes the opposite of my, behaviour and style wise, tha t baroque poof
See me as I am. So, I have one desktop, a PC. Its on my desk. I emulate only. (Though I'm shopping for a Saturn, and only because Iron Storm should be played on a big screen.
All CDs and games are in a beautiful chinese style pull handle antique chest. I have no game room. its all a large studio apartment, hence....
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