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Angry Workbench 1.2 CLI probs

Hey Peeps,

I have a problem that is driving me to distraction. AE won't talk to my mig (A500 with extra half meg, KS 1.2), yet ADFSender will, despite me not changing the setup whatsoever. Weird. So I decided I'd transfer the AE setup myself through ADFS, and then just run AE, and hope it works.

The problem is, that I can't end the CLI process, and therefore can't copy or use the data on the RAM disk. I know what I am supposed to be doing (I think) it just doesn't appear to be working. It might be easier if I just run through what I am actually doing, and hope someone will pick out the obvious, but fatal flaw that is sending me to an early grave.

Open up a CLI Window and use the type command before starting transfer, my CLI window looks like:

1> Type SER: to RAM:Setup

Then send the AE setup files from the PC using ADFSender. Once the transfer of all the files is complete I press Ctrl+C on the mig, but get no response. I have tried a range of variations including breaking the connection in ADFSender before pressing Ctrl+C, but no matter what, the CLI Window doesn't respond.

I am guessing when it works, I should get a new prompt in the CLI Window to make it look like:

1> Type SER: to RAM:Setup

At which point I would just type in Copy RAM:Setup to Df0:c to move the contents from the RAM disk to my WB disk.

I tried just opening a new CLI window, but it told me the RAM Disk was in use (obviously) and couldn't be accessed.

Plz help
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