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Originally Posted by Shatterhand
I never played Leander , but I can't believe it can use HAM for the levels and stuff, it probably only uses it in loading screens or title screen. Using HAM like that isn't that hard, I believe.
Don't believe it then My friend Tomas worked with the guys who made Leander and it doesn't use HAM.

There was a flight sim that was good for its time, F/A-18 Interceptor (or something). Frontier is vast. Worms with its explosions, napalm, smooth scrolling and animated water in 50fps did something new. Jimmy White's whirlwind snooker had some tasty 3D.

The Lotus Esprit series looked really good. But there was a F1 racing game where you could play over a serial line with vectors and zooming signs mixed, which ran really smooth. I was always impressed by that, but I forget the name.

I'm talking A500 now. Never owned an AGA machine.
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