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For a WHDLoad patch coder like me, WinUAE has the great advantage of being installed on a laptop PC/Mac so I can pretend taking my amiga in holiday. My A1200/060 tower does not like to be moved. Every time it is moved I've got to open it and fiddle with card connectors, until it boots properly. Also, MakeCD now refuses to burn CDs (maybe CD burned is faulty now) and SCSI Zip drive keeps fucking disks up so it's unusable, I saw no way to backup my Amiga data to some reliable and convenient media.

But I recently discovered that UAE could read actual amiga HD drives directly. So I mounted an extractible disk on my A1200 and I take my hard disk with my laptop on holiday, using a USB2 -> IDE adapter.
I can also make backups using any PC CD/DVD writer, and some batch processing (compressions, file copy) is faster on the emulator because of JIT + superfast Pentium CPU and IDE speed on PC (Amiga IDE crawls, and I cannot plug in the IDE accelerator because of my scandoubler on-chip device)

For WHDLoad coding it may prove extremely useful, first to test many configurations (that's how I could test Seven Cities Of Gold and found out it worked with 1.1 ROM but not above), and also because the built-in debugger provides a kind of "level 7" button, which I don't have on my real amiga. Amiga-side debuggers may be detected by games and crash the machine (Action Replay, HRTMon) when entered on.
Also, screenshots are much easier (icon creation, HOL pictures, level maps)

I developped 2 patches on the PC this week and fixed 2 others. The only think I'm missing is the MMU, so I'll test them on my real amiga next week before releasing them.
But the fact is the sound is better and animation is smoother on a real amiga! I never play games on WinUAE. It's just a good tool to work.

Best of both worlds...

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