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What about Team 17 star games such as Superfrog, Overdrive, Assassin (hypersmooth scrolling), Project X (looks like an AGA game, especially on level 3)?
Elfmania kicks ass with the ground parallax scrolling ala Street Fighter II (on SNES/Arcade, not the lame US Gold amiga conversion)
Desert Strike is excellent with the EHB mode for helicopter shadow, the huge explosions and good SFX.
Unreal is impressive (but not the flying game, only the guy-and-sword part). Some said it used HAM but I think it's mainly interlace & copper effects.

I agree with everyone, no AGA game really kicked ass.
However, I liked Banshee very much is beautiful (The graphics look like the ones of the Bitmap bros), fast enough, and it is not a conversion from A500, and that's why it hasn't this "colorized ECS" look like Speedball 2 or Chaos Engine.

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