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The GAGE v13.0 - Another Space Release

With this near winter update more bits and bytes have been intoxicated just before they hibernate. Unfortunately during the process (progress) the Golden Amiga Games Encyclopaedia was not completely accessible for several hours, but now it's alright!

Now all new entries and updates can be installed to (and played from) harddisk with the superb WHDLoad installers and tools. One of the new entries is Super Space Invaders by Taito, Domark and The Kremlin. For those who are unfamilar with Invader (where have you been?), the object is to prevent the Invaders from landing at the bottom of the screen. You must destroy the advancing aliens while dodging their shots. Shoot the space ship that goes across the top of the screen to collect exciting additional weapons! Enjoy...

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- Dr.Zarkov

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