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Well, just to clear things up I've done my own translation* of the news story:

AMERSFOORT - for 24 Europe, 000, 000 of it company of cadence of the company of the United States of the average of the Yeahronimo and and in the commodore the tulip of the sale of will of fabrication of the calculating of the granchio? Tulip di N? The N monday informed. Two companies name have signed for the transference of ideography of the calculating of the declaration of the fameuze of the intention. The Yeahronimo to the inside of the cheese of the Low Countries is the company of the United States in the thread of official functions of sale. Tulip? Sowon of the N aimed to be main of active inner rest after selling that it accelerates to increase of the inner part. Percentage that resoconta has referred to the future ocean of the sale of the commodore of German silver of one sale of 24.000.000. October finally to the inside of double quantity meant of 2010 conclusions of year the tulip that it is to the inside of the river that is complete? When the N that enters in the debit. Sale entirety, tulip of the still of Europe? 4000000 receive the year in which the N continues. To the inside of the world of music of the commodore of the product of the tulip of music? The N to the inside in the new course of the life that has begun year before this. The company $R-al.mercato from capacity has come from music to my width. To where and music it transmits, the company that it plays and that it sells and that simultaneously buys that they are new grippa, a portable possibility of the line of the music that tightened that it depends to the navigation channel of the sale to the inside of the Internet and. Long in wederopstanding the hope of the company king it will compose the duration in which it will become. year of the commodore ' to the inside; 80 }c{64. Still in the capacity extremity ' it stares; To it ' it is of principle in the copy of 30.000.000 with from the computers that are always introduced personal the computer.

*hehe, sorry I forgot to state that this was a 8-way translation:

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