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The Deep, a very rare game (i. e. original) from Emerald Software, 1988.
Corrupt graphics in level 6.
Today, I could finally be arsed to re-count the levels and build a lot of screenshots (soon in HOL).
(About the huge skips: this is a very old HOL entry. I had to break down the screenshot number a lot when the screenshot limit of 8 was still existing...)

BTW, my way of counting the levels was by increasing the level number after every stage with those rockets you have to shoot with lasers in order not to let them hit the ships sailing from right to left.

The graphics corruption even happens if the CAPS version is played from disk.
Reportedly by several users, this is fixed by using the WHD install. Unfortunately though, this still means that faulty copies were thrown on the Amiga games market in 1988/89.

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