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Yeahronimo Media Ventures buys Commodore for 24 Million Euro

AMERSFOORT - computer manufacturer Tulip sells Commodore for 24 millions euro to its subsidiary company to the American Yeahronimo media ventures. That Tulip have announced Monday.

Both companies have signed an intention declaration for the transfer of the fameuze computer mark. Yeahronimo are an American venture with a sale office in the Netherlands. Tulip want aim after sale accelerated at increase of the residual main activities.

The turnover of 24 millions has been partly related to the future turnover of Commodore. At the latest by the end of October 2010 must Tulip the complete amount within has. As sale, receive Tulip continue year still this 4 millions euro.

Music products

Commodore started year earlier this a new life at Tulip in the music world. The venture came with a range music products on the market. The company launched simultaneous is new sale canal on Internet, where beside portable music players, also music, games and merchandising will be obtain. With the wederopstanding the venture hopes which will revive old times.

In the years eighty reached Commodore its peak with C64. Still is considered ' these ' home computer with approximately 30 millions copies as the most sold computer ever.

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