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The FM TOWNS was a truly 2d beast, not that it can rival the Saturn specs on that field but it was certainly good, and older in time too. Apart from the usual Lucasfilm games and SOTB1, I've got Turbo OutRun (and Afterburner, but I ended deleting it accidentally)which is quite rare. It was reprogrammed by CRI and even if it's not a 1:1 conversion, it's the best one I've seen so far. Same goes for AfterBurner and for the rest of conversions I guess

Don't know why but FM TOWNS games are always hard to find on the internet, wonder why no one cared to do a torrent site with TOWNS games or something like that since ISOS with mp3 audio tracks are really small(with TOR being like 4-5mb~)

Anyone has the FM TOWNS version of Beast 2? I've seen some screenshots of it and looked truly gorgeous!
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