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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT
We got supplied Mortal Kombat direct from the duplicators, but seeing as the Fairlight version was only screwed up because of a bad disk, it really wasn't fair on Fairlight/N.O.M.A.D. for their release to be topped by ours, so we allowed Marc to have our disk 2 so he could release a fix, because other than that, the FLT version was 100%. I joined FLT a month later
straight from the duplicator eh, that sounds like -5day warez to me . Must of been easy for you to log on to bbs's. I struggled especially with the upload 10mb of the latest 0day warez to get axxs to this bbs, and I wanted to leech were games from 80s-93. And that was in 98.

ie Wrath of Kahn, Beyond Relaity, Spaced out, Boondocks.

Do you know how the ARIV restores the screen back to normal? I mean it seems to be operating at a lower freq (200lines), is this so that its faster to scan thru memory, or to save more bytes in chipram ?
Because when It kicks back to WB it seems to change frequency, and then restore after 1 sec. This is mostprobaly for multisync compatiblity.
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