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Question Level editor for Cadaver

On the site , a user posted this comment:

posted on 13 Sep 2004, 00:28 by Mister Moth in the Cadaver Section
For anyone interested -
The levels in Cadaver were creeated using an editor that ran on an Atari ST.

It had a 2D mode that was used to create the layout of the rooms and attach adjoining doors, an Isometric mode that was used to 'paint' the floor tiles, assemble the wall blocks and place instances of objects from a library - and a text editor that was used to enter an event based language (ADL) where you could add events and actions (such as 'on touch()', 'on drop()', 'on enter()' ) for every object, door, room, area etc. This language was compiled into a Byte Code (as is the case with a number of modern languages) and interpreted when the game was running.

If this editor still exists, new levels could be created for cadaver with relative ease .... IF the editor exists!!
Does anyone how to find out if the editor still exists and if yes, how to get it?
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