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It's progressing (slooooooowly)

A new job and a couple of rapid promotions have meant little time for anything else. Luckily I have this week off So I'm frantically working on Amy right now.

Watch the web site and expect a release BEFORE new years (Oz time).

The release will include the following:
1) Database file to use with Gamebase frontend
2) Script and config files
3) Dat file to use with ClrMamePro (to convert existing ADF libraries into a GamebaseAMY one)
4) If I get time an Installer to make life easier

This will be for approximately 5000 games.

No images or niceties this release. Concentrating on the database and configuration. Screenshots etc will come next year.

After this release I will be concentrating on the following:
1) Changing ADF images to more suitable ones (via user feedback)
2) Changing config files for individual games (via user feedback)
3) Making it easier to install and setup

After that will come screenshots, music, manuals etc etc

Will better get back to work.
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