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I am not specialized in PAL/NTSC but I can tell the following. A1200 uses the AGA gfx chip, way better than the A500 OCS and the A500+/A600 ECS. Nevertheless you can use the Early Startup Menu to set the gfx to OCS or ECS or AGA, this to make sure older programs will work too. When you talk about floppy games then don´t worry, you can also boot an A1200 with a floppy inside the drive You can do of course a lot more with the A1200 but I don´t think that was your question But I also know that in the Early Startup Menu (hold down two mouse buttons when you turn the computer on) you can also hit the space bar to switch between Pal and NTSC ... if you use a NTSC TV then you probably won´t be able to see Pal screens. But maybe you´ll have more luck when using a RGB monitor ??? If you happen to be loaded on the financial side then of course you need to get a scandoubler that allows you to connect any pc monitor, even if that scandoubler is connected to your A500
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