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Originally Posted by IFW
Software developers are normally not part of any union and I can assure even if you don't work on games 12-16 hours is the norm daily - at least in telecom surely.
It's not about whinging and it is not about EA really.
To be frank programmers are at the bottomm of the foodchain; anyone at a software company is doing better than them, despite the only real work done is by them.
Unless you are in your early to mid 20s you don't want to do that.
You _will_ burn out and your employer is only interested in you as a programmer as long as you are overworked and underpaid.
That's why I moved to somewhat more respectful territories.
If not working on games for me it's just not worth the hassle.

There are nice companies around who understand that having the only creative (creative as in creating something - instead of creative as in inventing bullshit...) persons in a company a good life means a good future for the company as well, but many just take as much as they can and then throw away the guys.
Simply put: they are disposable, take away as much of their life as you possibly can within the shortest possible time period. Sad but true.

As for salaries: they may or may not be better than average - normally not -, however the industry is very profitable and people generally work 1.2-2x times as much as people in other industries so if you just divide their income with the working hours invested you will see they get pittance money and they surely will die very young.

So now sit back, relax and enjoy NFL 2005
Sure you can make 20-100% more money for a few years until your life implodes along with your health. Find me anybody that would work 2x the hours they do now for a 20% increase in base pay and I will show you an idiot who deserves to be screwed into doing exactly that.

I don't feel sorry for anybody that works there, they are driven by greed which is consuming their sole. You can argue people can't quit their jobs if they have a family but I say that they are a slave to the items they buy. How many people buy $500,000 shacks in California when they could buy a better house for 30% of that money in another area and take a job with less pay but more free time and less stress.
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