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AmiMSN 1.0rc5 out

Michael T @ posts: "AmiMSN 1.0rc5 out at

Changes since 1.0rc4 are:
  • Changed: Everything placed into one main executeable.
  • Fixed: You now can't initiate a conversation with someone offline.
  • Fixed: In some cases AmiMSN would try reading a message that wasn't there.
  • Added: P4-Context header is now parsed. Needed for BOT2K3.
  • Added: Notification server disconnection messages now parsed.
  • Added: AmiMSN.cfg now has a version number.
Next release will focus on bringing the IRCd to speed with contact list management.. ShdW has done a little gizmo extension to convert non-obvious smileys to descriptive text. That may be included too."

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