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There is no money to be made on amiga, period.
Having illusions about that is the biggest financial mistake you can make as many recent startups could tell as well by now
To be honest in this Christmasy New Honest Talk style (CNHT (TM) & (C) by IFW 2004): when you can get others work for free why bother paying them?
It can provide some earning for a person producing a cd and nice oddities he likes to do, but keeping a "real" company with anyone who does not own the company - ie does not work for free - of works for free in the first place is not possible.
Of course it would be nice to give away the money for Toni or anyone but if they wanted they could have asked I am syure Toni is fine with this as is.
But since UAE is GPLed anyone can sell it for any amount of money he wishes anyway without paying the authors.

And yes it's him
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