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Must be extremely small
Heh, yeah I bet it is small... but I dunno what VALID patents Amiga own that produce revenue. It cannot be that much or the latest Amiga venture wouldnt have gone tits up. I bet it's not so insignificant to an individual though... I'd guess (and it's just a guess) five figures per annum

Doubt you are doing any good by wasting money..
You really look at it like that?
If there was development of any kind or a future but the way it seems emulation is the only thing that's going on...
For the majority I agree. I use the Amiga mainly for Nostalgia purposes (dont you?) the SMALL amount of development I do is unpaid and for fun. I dont think there will be any real *paid* development for the Amiga again.... except maybe in hardware & Hardware drivers for the PCI stuff / Catweasel etc. Just MHO.

Should be no problem but I am not a legal expert...
I know you need a license to make reproduction hardware (such as the C64 & Joysticks recently sold) so I'd guess it cuts both ways.
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